Book Marketing – How to Get More Online Book Reviews

Ten and two decades in the past, e-book advertising and marketing intended authors participated in stay e book excursions. They gave speeches and signed books in bookstores. They traveled many miles to reach many possible readers. Their books have been reviewed in books and magazines. Some authors also were interviewed for radio and television.

Reviewers in the ones print media might acquire complimentary evaluate copies, regularly in pre-e-book shape as Advance Reading Copies (ARCs).

Today publishers do now not send authors on ebook tours as readily as earlier than. Travel has come to be extra steeply-priced and publishers have become squeezed on profit margins. Additionally, many authors have turned to self-publishing, which can be very profitable if they’re willing to take at the marketing undertaking.

Online ebook reviews have taken on a extra vital role on this new book publishing climate. Authors now query reviewers at once to gain critiques on Amazon and different on-line venues.

Here are a few common questions authors ask:

Q. Should I try to get reviews from skilled reviewers instead of my pals and family?
A. If you have an excellent book, you’ll get extra mileage by focused on experienced reviewers. Make sure your reviewer has a records of reading and reviewing books to your style. Get a sense of what forms of books enchantment to a specific reviewer.

However, be aware that skilled reviewers tend to be fussier. Top reviewers get numerous books a month to check so the promise of a loose ebook won’t be a motivator.

Q. Do I want to invest in assessment copies to get critiques?
Yes. Reviewers will want to see a entire ebook – a hard reproduction though now not always a hard cowl. A paperback or even galleys will normally be time-honored. However, many reviewers will no longer be given pdf files. Even fewer reviewers will take delivery of requests to itnerview based totally on just a chapter or two.